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The surgical technique is to make a properly reposition of the facial structures that have been off the hook with the passage of time.

In this surgery, one of the most important developments has been that thanks to the latest advances in cosmetic surgery to allow action in wide areas by minimum length incisions, residual scars are limited both in scope and in its location allowing that, in most cases, resulting inapparent.

Each patient needs an individualized treatment and the goal is to obtain a natural result.

Rhytidoplasty requires all the sophistication and cares of aesthetic surgery, but, above all, it requires absolute attention to the detail.

Surgical technique is not sufficient to achieve the best result. It is necessary to join it with the surgeon’s sensibility so that together, they might provide a greater level of satisfaction to the patient.

There’s just one more detail, skin is elastic. Stretching it does not correct wrinkles. It is necessary that fat, muscle and other underlying tissues maintain the shape. For this, it is necessary to tighten a very thin structure, like a mesh, called SMAS (Superficial musculoaponeurotic system).

Kinds of Face lift

One of the fundamental aspects for success in facial rejuvenation surgery is to hide properly the scars. So the incisions must be along the boundary line of hair and ear.

Without this, even though its rejuvenation is good the result is artificial. When we plan a surgery of rejuvenation-facelift, facial topography shall be subdivided into the following areas:

-Front lift or upper facelift; this area includes the forehead and eyebrows. A lifting of these structures is indicated in those situations of important wrinkles horizontal in the forehead, as well as in circumstances of fall of the eyebrows which means a tired aspect or fatigue of the eyes.

– Midface lifting; this area includes the malar or cheekbone area. As a result of gravity, facial tissues fall, this means that this area leads to a loss of volume-projection of the cheekbones and the emergence of the nasolabial folds. In these situations, it must be done an uprising of the facial musculature to their original condition, as well as a removal of the excess skin in the facial side area.

-Lower facelift; this area includes especially the jaw area. The loss of the line of the jaw when appear the marionette lines ” is one of the circumstances that make you feel ugly and ages lateral facial appearance. Over the years, tissues accumulate in the anterior part of the mandible and leads to the emergence of the knowns as marionette lines that provide you a picture of sadness in your face.

In this situation, the lifting of the facial musculature and liposuction of the cervical fat will recover mandibular contour.

-Cervical lifting; it is in the cervical area where takes place predominantly the fatty accumulation; this is also accompanied by loss of elasticity of muscle platysma’s neck and its anterior displacement.

All this leads to the loss of the cervical angle by the anterior displacement of their structures. In these cases, the mentioned lateral muscle tension and the fat inframandibular liposuction will regain the original cervical angle.

-Mini facelift; the term minifacelift refers to the realization of a facelift partial or little aggressive, that is to say with one lower cutaneous detachment, aimed at solving certain specific problems.

Neck surgery

In addition to combined lifting face and neck, many patients who only need to correct excess skin or fat under the chin, or neck bands marked. In these cases, liposuction may be enough in the area to remove excess neck skin and return to his youth. When necessary, and at the same time, you can remove a small amount of skin, and can be arranged muscle bands (platysmaplasty) through a short incision in the crease under the chin.

Intervention to make, in many cases, must be a combination of different methods ( face lift Neck lift + eyelids, etc …)


Face Lift: It is performed with general or local anesthesia and sedation


The facelift and / or cervical lift can be performed with general anesthesia or local anesthesia and sedation. Lasts 2-4 hours and the hospitalization last 12 to 48 hours. The incisions are placed around the ear and under her chin so are not seen as a whole. Recently techniques have become popular with minimal incisions that are placed only in front of the ears and scalp, with which good results with a quick recovery. In the postoperative hematomas will, tightness, swelling, deformity of the face, occasional lack of sensitivity, dry skin, which can last from hours to several weeks. The stitches are removed after 7 days. Returning to work is after two weeks, and sports may be from the month. There may be facial asymmetry for several weeks, and sunshine should be avoided for several months. The result is maintained for about 10 years or more.


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