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Mentoplasty is the surgical procedure to change the shape, size or position of the chin.

A receding chin is called retrognathism and a prominent one, prognathism. Chin dimensions are vertically and horizontally evaluated and mandible, teeth positioning, upper jaw, forehead, etc. must also be taken into account.

Increased a chin that must be corrected a few inches, can be accomplished by:

implanting a chin prosthesis , which can be of different materials, such as solid silicone, Goretex ®, etc …

To insert the implant, it is possible to use an incision inside the mouth, in the mucous between gum and lower lip (intraoral) or a small skin incision under the chin, similar to that used in the Lifting of third or lower neck (externally).

infiltration of fatty tissue from the patient using the technique of Liposculpture, with permanent results.

The passing of a portion of jaw bone by bone sections (or osteotomies) horizontal, also using intra orally. In these cases the flange of the bone is displaced and immobilized in accurately and precisely, allowing correct the defect and if necessary is also conveniently possible to shorten a face that is too long.




General or Local + Sedation


High-afternoon (Day Surgery)

What to expect

Inflammation can remain weeks for implants

Final Result

Immediate, although swelling does not completely disappear until the 6th month.

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