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Abdominoplasty or abdominal dermolipectomy consists of resection of skin segment and abdominal fat as well as restoration of normal muscle wall tension.

This surgery is especially efficient in those women who have had several pregnancies, after which the skin and the muscles have lost their initial tone.

This can also enhance elasticity in the skin in old people, normally with moderate obesity. If there are previous scars in the area this surgery might not e indicated or maybe the scars can change the position.

Although in most cases this surgery help eliminate those scars.

Abdominoplasty is one of the aesthetic procedures that cause most unease to the surgeon due to the scar’s great dimensions. At the same time, it is one of the procedures that satisfies patients most, due to the important change in their body contour. It is frequently combined with liposculpture of fat deposits that don’t respond to diet or weight loss.

Complete exploration is required, like before any other procedure, in order to discard any type of pathology that could contraindicate surgery. Among these pathologies, cardiovascular, lung and coagulation problems are to be highlighted.

Obese patients, whenever possible, should lose weight under endocrine control. In patients, who cannot manage to lose weight and have a large abdomen, abdominoplasty may be the answer. In said cases, some days prior to the procedure some breathing exercises will have to be done.

Due to the great extension of skin separated from the abdominal wall and the flaps dimensions, which is usually performed in this procedure, it is important for smokers to stop for around 2 weeks before surgery. The reason is that smoking can cause alteration in microcirculation, which can seriously compromise the final result.


General o Epidural


Mild , controllable by medication

What to expect

swelling until  8 weeks; but can last up to 3 months; temporary numbness.

Final result

At the 5th-7th month.

Duration of the results:

Permanent except large weight loss or pregnancy

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