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Dr. Jhayro Contreras


Dr Roberto Jhayro Contreras Muñan

Dr. Roberto Jhayro Contreras Munan graduate from medical school at the University of Guadalajara (UdG) which credits him with degree awarded by the university, in his specialty (Aesthetics and Longevity) and master degree(Cosmetic surgery), he was part of the first generation of graduates doctors at the Instituto de Estudios Superiors en Medicina ,IESM, (Institute of Higher Studies in Medicine).

It is noteworthy that IESM is the first private institute in American continent, where highly specialized in aesthetic surgery  is taught, all the education plan with official recognition by the relevant authorities (Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Interagency Commission for the Development of Human Resources in Health).

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During his training and professional practice, Dr. Jhayro Contreras  has had the opportunity to be accepted with world-class Doctors (teachers) in different countries (Spain, Colombia, USA) as well as in Mexico. He has also participated as an assistant, organizer and speaker in several conferences, symposiums, refresher courses, seminars, conventions,  surgical conferences, etc.  all of them about cosmetic surgery, national and international. In the private practice he has served professionally in medicine since 2005, and in cosmetic surgery since 2010, year which culminated his studies of specialization and expertise.


Member Of:

Mexican College of Cosmetic Surgery.

College of Cosmetic Surgeons of Jalisco state.

College of Cosmetic Surgeons  of Baja California state.